Magical Cairo

Egypt–the land of the Pharaohs–is a remarkably diverse country rich in both history and culture. As a child, I remember daydreaming of climbing the pyramids or discovering a tomb of an unknown queen/pharaoh! As an adult, thoughts of the pyramids stirred romantic images of a dusty plain, far from the reaches of society where sand dunes marked the time of the ancients and the Bedouins were the keepers of the pyramids. When I finally had the chance to visit, I was shocked to see urban life bearing down on these testaments to time. While cast in the shadows of the Great Pyramids, the rich mosaic of Old and New Cairo with Giza as a backdrop is no less remarkable and enhanced the charm and mystique in the eyes of both the child and the adult. Follow along as I explored parts of this magnificent city or enjoy my gallery; perhaps you, too, may gain a new perspective.

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